Porsche 911 Targa.  Our customer visited requiring some work to repair his vehicle.  We cut out rust and welded in new sections on the quarters followed by then painting the quarter panels.  We also undertook some upholstery repairs.

The customer visited us looking to get various body parts back up to condition.  This involved repairing and painting both sides, bonnet, front bumper and front grill of car.

Full respray of this prestige and rare car.  Our customer was keen to treat some corroded parts of the vehicle and after reviewing the entire car and discussion around what would be the best option our advice was for a full respray to get it looking it’s best and avoid colour discrepancy.  The customer was very happy with the final result.

Jurassic, before and after.

Horsebox, before and after


BMW Colour Change, red to blue; before and after.

What we did: Repair to front bumper.